PEM studies, January 2018
Herpes Simplex Virus Infection in Infants Undergoing Meningitis Evaluation
(Pediatrics, abstract)
Bedside Ultrasound for the Evaluation of Epidural Hematoma After Infant Lumbar Puncture
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
The Effect of Early Knowledge of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Positivity on Medical Decision Making and Throughput Time Within the Pediatric Emergency Department
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Improving Antibiotic Prescribing for Children With Urinary Tract Infection in Emergency and Urgent Care Settings
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
National Imaging Trends of Recurrent Pediatric Urolithiasis
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Adolescent Coping Strategies in the Emergency Department
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Back Pain in a Pediatric Emergency Department: Etiology and Evaluation
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Emergency Point-of-Care Ultrasound Identification of Pediatric Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt Malfunctions
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
Improving Time to Antibiotics for Pediatric Oncology Patients With Suspected Infections: An Emergency Department-Based Quality Improvement Intervention
(Pediatr Emerg Care, abstract)
What happens next? Recurrence Rates for First Unprovoked Seizures in Children
(Acad Emerg Med, abstract)
Changes in the epidemiology and clinical features of acute mastoiditis following the introduction of the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine
(Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol, abstract)
Non-Invasive Assessment of Significant Dehydration In Infants Using The Inferior Vena Cava to Aortic Diameter Ratio: Is it Useful?
(J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr, abstract)
Sport-Related Traumatic Brain Injury with and without Helmets in Children
(World Neurosurg, abstract)
Current Concepts in the Evaluation and Management of Bronchiolitis
(Infect Dis Clin North Am, abstract)
Cost-Effectiveness of Evaluation of Children With Epilepsy in the Emergency Department: Need for Investment in Patient Education
(J Child Neurol, abstract)
Computed tomography use in a large Italian region: trend analysis 2004-2014 of emergency and outpatient CT examinations in children and adults
(Eur Radiol, abstract)
Should patients with complex febrile seizure be admitted for further management?
(Am J Emerg Med, abstract)
Pediatric Sports- and Recreation-Related Eye Injuries Treated in US Emergency Departments
(Pediatrics, abstract)
Comparison of sonographic inferior vena cava and aorta indexes during fluid administered in children
(Am J Emerg Med, abstract)
Emergency department imaging of pediatric trauma patients during combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan
(Pediatr Radiol, abstract)
Considerations for physicians using ketamine for sedation of children in emergency departments
(Clin Exp Emerg Med, abstract)
Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network head injuryprediction rules: on the basis of cost and effectiveness
(Turk J Med Sci, abstract)
Risk factors associated with clinically significant gastrointestinal bleeding in pediatric emergency department
(Am J Emerg Med, abstract)
A retrospective review of vital signs and clinical outcomes of febrile infants younger than 3 months old presenting to the emergency department
(PLoS One, abstract)
Potential drug-drug interactions and their risk factors in pediatric patients admitted to the emergency department of a tertiary care hospital in Mexico
(PLoS One, abstract)
Paediatric medical emergency calls to a Danish Emergency Medical Dispatch Centre: a retrospective, observational study
(Scand J Trauma Resusc Emerg Med, abstract)